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WigWag Cloud Line

Everything you need to get started with our VOIP phone service.
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Call Recordings

A: Select 'Extension' on the left hand side menu, choose the extension you'd like to turn call recording on for by clicking the extension name. Within the 'Call recordings' dropdown select 'Always'.

Turn On Your VOIP Call Recording

A: Once Call Recordings are enabled on your account, log into the dashboard here and click on 'Reports' on the left hand side menu then click 'Call Recordings'. Get an overview of whether the call was incoming or outgoing, who the was call was too/from and more.

VOIP Call Recording

A: Select 'Reports' then 'Call Recordings' from the left hand side menu. Find the recording you'd like to listen to and select the Play button, this will bring up a box that will also allow you to download your recording.

Listen To VOIP System Call Recordings

Download Your VOIP System Call Recordings title=



A: Dial *95 (plus your main mail box, eg. 301) from your handset to access your voicemail.

A: Dial *95 (plus your main mail box, eg. 301) from your handset to access your voicemail. Followed by the pass code. Then choose option 0 then 1 to record your own greeting.


Control Panel

A: Log into the control panel and select 'Admin' then select 'Team'. On the right there will be an 'Invite new Team Member' button.

Adding A New User To WigWag Cloud


Input your new users email address - make sure you have access to the new users email so they can accept your invite.


Adding A New Team Member To WigWag Cloud


An email will come through to your new user, once they have selected 'Join the team!', they will be able to finalise their details and have access to the control panel.


Mobile App

A: Select your Google Play store or App store and search 'Cloud Softphone'


Snom Handsets



Unfortunately not, our dialler extension for Chrome only works with our VOIP phone system. If you'd like to get started with WigWag Cloud call us on 0115 824 5600 or email [email protected].

To download our dialler go to the Chrome Web Store and search for WigWag Dialler or click here for a direct link: WigWag Dialler


Landline Call Diverting

To divert your BT landline number to a WigWag Cloud number, from your BT line dial *21*(then the phone number you want to divert to)#